Although not everyone is a suitable building owner for us to partner with, we work hard to keep the doors as open as possible. Our typical rooftop development partners will fall into one of three categories.

Commercial landlords

Owners of commercial buildings are well-placed to work with us. At the Rooftop Development Partnership, our highly specialist knowledge of planning and modern methods of construction gives us unique know-how on how to develop retail, mixed use, light industrial and office space in ways to create value and put profit straight into your pocket. Let’s assess the development potential of your commercial asset before the planning rules change and take away your chance to profit from your building. Get in touch now to arrange an free appraisal.

Commercial landlords

Recent advancements in the national planning rules have implications to private freeholder of purpose-built residential block of flats. They potentially put you in a positive position to partner with the Rooftop team.

If your residential block was built after 1948 and has three storeys above ground level, then you should get in touch quick to see if we can help you profit from your asset, because the opportunity may not last forever.

Enfranchised leaseholder

An enfranchised leaseholder is a residential leaseholder, with a share of the freehold. If you are an enfranchised leaseholder in a residential block of flats, then you too have the chance to earn big from the development of your rooftop, in exchange for doing absolutely nothing.

But the window of opportunity that has opened up could disappear as quickly as it came. If you think you fit the bill to be a Rooftop partner, call us asap to find out if your block has development potential.

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