Our consulting Engineer carries out a specialised structural inspection to confirm a that the existing building can comfortably take the weight, all signed off and approved before work starts.

The majority of residents will remain unaffected during works.

Generally between 12-24 months, but we’ll have a much better idea upon completion of a full site survey.

Upon assessing the development potential we will make you a straightforward, transparent and fixed payment offer.

Your first payment will be made quickly, as soon as we both agree to proceed with the project.

Very little, we do pretty much everything.

This is very, very specialist stuff And there are very few people in the country to know-how to develop rooftops. We are one of them, here’s why.

Not every building qualifies for development and not every building owner is a suitable partner for us…but the fact that you are reading this means that you may well be. Let’s find out..

We arrange everything.

Nope, we’ll do it all.

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